Why do you require a day of coordinator?

Having a Day of Coordinator is essential to guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable event. At Bonnie Blues, we want our clients to have the best experience possible. Having a professional and insured day of coordinator will ensure a stress free experience for you and your guests. They are responsible for a lot more than you may think.


Do you offer in-house coordination?

Yes, in house coordination is available upon request and charged at $1,500.


Why do you require specific caterers?

Our full service caterers have been carefully selected as some of Colorado’s top industry leaders. Our caterers hold a lot of responsibility in the success of your day. Therefore we selected teams who are familiar with our space and who we can vouch will provide excellent service on your event day. We also wanted the caterers listed as our exclusive partners to represent our venue well. We have provided a variety of caterers to choose from who can cater to a wide range of menu’s, budgets, and overall service needs.


Can I bring in my own alcohol?

All alcohol must be served by Peak Beverage.


What if weather affects my event?

While we cannot cancel events due to inclement weather, we are prepared to make sure your event is still memorable and enjoyable. Our team including our caterers are prepared to flip any space needed in order to accommodate a change in weather.


What all is included in your 12 hour facility rental?

Exclusive 12 hour access to the facility from  ·  Access to the Bridal and Groom’s cabins  ·  Tables and chairs for 200 guests  ·  Outdoor and indoor space for ceremony and reception  ·  Use of indoor fireplaces  ·  Parking lot  ·  Loft lounge area  ·  Market Lights over outside patio  ·  Covered patio  ·  Built-in bar for inside and outside service  ·  Full-service kitchen for catering team  ·  Open lawn space  ·  Corn hole  ·  Putt Putt  ·  Multiple locations for photos


What are the closest accommodations? Do they provide shuttles?

The closest hotel to Bonnie Blues is Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot in Aurora. It is about a 15 minute drive from the venue. There are also a handful of hotels in Parker which is about a 20 minute drive. The hotel shuttles are unavailable to come out this far so we recommend hiring a shuttle service. Check out our recommendation page for options.


What is required in order to secure my event date?

In order to secure your date, we require an issued contract to be signed and 25% of the total facility fee to be paid.


Do you have noise limits?

Elbert County does not have a noise ordinance. However, in respect to our neighbors and community, our rental time is limited to no later than midnight.


Do you allow pets?

Pets are allowed with approval by Bonnie Blues but are not permitted to be near any food service.


What is the average cost of weddings hosted at Bonnie Blues?

Average cost of full wedding days hosted at Bonnie Blues range from about $20,000- $80,000.


What are your transfer or cancellation policies?

Date transfers are on a case by case basis. If permitted, we allow a one-time date transfer. Cancellations are non-refundable.


What is your occupancy?

Our seated inside occupancy is 200. However, if you are wanting to use the outside space or not needing that much seating then we can accommodate up to 250.

Do you have a ceremony and a reception space?

Yes. We have both indoor and outdoor space for ceremony and reception.


What are your room dimensions?

Reception Space: 52’x 57’
Mantel/Hearth: 7’8”
Concrete Ceremony Pad: 35’ x 24’


Do you have any decor restrictions?

All decorations, flowers and entertainment must be pre-approved by Bonnie Blues management. No items are to be stapled, nailed, screwed or similarly attached to the walls, pillars, floors, ceiling or furniture in the event center without prior approval from Bonnie Blues. All set up must be in compliance with all local, state and federal fire and building codes. No signs or decorations are permitted to be placed on or near the roads.


Does your pricing include all fees (cleaning, administrative, etc.)?

The only additional fee included in our pricing is a damage deposit. This will be returned to you within 30 days of your event if no damages/incidents occur during the event.


Do you require insurance?

Yes, we require liability insurance for all of our clients. We recommend using WedSafe.

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