Bonnie Blues is a family owned and operated venue in the plains of Colorado.

After anticipating the dream of Bonnie Blues for several years a father/daughter duo pursued their vision to create a space centered around love and community. From early blue print drafts, to scribbles on napkins and late night phone calls, Bonnie Blues has finally come to life and we canโ€™t wait to share it with you all!

โ€œBonnie Blues is named after my grandmother who passed away in 2018. She was an incredible woman who loved her family with everything she had. We could not have created the venue without her help, and for that we are forever grateful.

When trying to name the venue, we went back and forth on names and could never agree on one. When she passed, we knew without a doubt what the name was going to be. With her bright blue eyes that lovingly got passed down to me, Bonnie Blues came to be.

It was a perfect fit and everything fell into place. We miss her very much, but her name will never be forgotten.โ€
                                                                           ~ Hannah Hughes

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